Current Designs: A work of art. Made for life.

by Peter

Current Designs kayaks have been around for decades, filling numerous kayaking niches from touring to surf, rec boats to racers. With all this history and different iterations of the company throughout the years, it's important to really dive into what we, at Sanborn Canoe, are about and what we want to build up when it comes to CD kayaks.

A work of art. Made for life.

In the past Current Designs had a slogan: "A work of art, made for life." This really resonates here because we've long advocated for using tools that are inspiring. Canoes and kayaks inspire us to get outside and enjoy the world we're in. They're also big investments, and having your tools made to be as inspiring as possible to you means you're just going to love using it that much more. The tools you need to enjoy your time on the water can in themselves be works of art. To this end, customization is important to us. Even something as simple as choosing your own colors creates an experience on the water that is uniquely yours. Some folks want flashier, eye-catching details like chevrons and bold colors. Others want something more subtle. With so many options, a CD kayak can be as unique as you, the paddler.

But it's not just a work of art. It's made for life. It's made to be used. It's going to take some scratches and knocks. All of our models are built with carefully placed composite reinforcement that adds the strength where it's needed, without adding weight where it's not. Reinforced bulkheads provide floatation even when you've got a cockpit full of water. Well placed deck lines allow you to keep emergency gear handy while also providing a secure grasp on your kayak should you come out of it. The fancy paint scheme is actually a gel coat layer that's there to keep scratches and dings from damaging the important composite layers of your kayak. 

What kind of life you lead can help determine what kayak is right for you, and the options and customizations to go along with it. In the coming weeks and months we'll talk a little bit about the different models, where they excel and how that might work for you, but for now take a look around the site and find the work of art inspires you and makes you want to live life on the water.