N. American Touring

Originally designed for open ocean coastal regions, these kayaks are more forgiving than both the British and Greenland styles. Added width and depth improves storage capacity and makes them very comfortable. New paddlers will find these kayaks easier to become accustomed to. They are more efficient, faster and have better tracking than recreation or transitional models. North American style kayaks have foot controlled rudders for added maneuverability and tracking.

Squall GTS

Updated in 2012, the Squall GTS continues its lineage as a sleek and efficient rotomolded kayak ready for any of the world’s waters. Drawing on the success of the Solstice family updates in recent years.

Length: 15' 11"
Width: 22.00"

Squall GT

Designed as the rotomolded version of the Equinox GT, the Squall GT was built to handle tremendous abuse and years of maintenance free paddling at an affordable price.

Length: 16' 0"
Width: 24.00"

Equinox GT

The new Equinox GT is a 16 foot, North American kayak made for day trips and weekend adventures.

Length: 16' 0"
Width: 24.00"

Equinox GTS

The new Equinox GTS is the perfect, sleek North American kayak for day trips and weekend excursions.

Length: 16' 0"
Width: 22.00"

Solstice GT

The Solstice GT is the flag ship of our touring kayak fleet and the most popular composite kayak ever made.

Length: 17' 7"
Width: 24.50"

Solstice GT Titan

Because we know not everyone that loves to paddle is 6 foot tall and less than 225lbs, we offer the Solstice GT Titan, a comfortable performance touring kayak for big and tall paddlers.

Length: 17' 7"
Width: 24.25"

Solstice GTS

The Solstice GTS is for the paddler who wants a North American style kayak in a highly efficient package. This sleek hull design cuts through the water like a warm knife through butter.

Length: 17' 7"
Width: 22.00"


Updated in 2012, the Unity is a sleek tandem expedition kayak built for safety and performance. Improvements include an oversized center hatch and larger front hatch dramatically improving storage ease

Length: 21' 0"
Width: 26.00"

Libra XT

The Libra XT has all the features you need for extensive touring or family outings. The middle cockpit can accommodate a child, or carry a raft of expedition gear for the most luxurious adventure.

Length: 21' 8"
Width: 32.00"