Bridging the gap between recreational and touring kayaks are Current Designs transitional kayaks. Stable enough for beginners, they reward good paddling skills and encourage development. Transitional kayaks can be the perfect step up for those looking to "transition" from a recreational kayak. Also great for seasoned paddlers who are looking for a day tripping kayak.
Vision 130 Vision 130 composite hybrid red/black/smoke
Keyhole Cockpit
A keyhole cockpit blends the openness of a recreational cockpit and the integrated thigh braces of a touring cockpit. The result is an easy to enter and exit cockpit that offers performance, fit, and solid connectivity to the kayak.
Rotomold Cockpit
Vision Cockpit
Hybrid Composite Cockpit
Vision Hybrid Cockpit
Vision Seating
Revolution Seating System
This one-of-a-kind rotating axis seat gives unmatched full contact under-leg support. Quickly adjustable with a lever-lock system, you can customize the seats position for your personal paddling style and comfort level. Contoured plush foam padding cover the bottom and sides of the seat allowing for hours of luxurious paddling comfort.
Dimension Adjustable Seat Back
A fully articulating and height/angle adjustable back rest. This dynamic combination creates the most comfortable and ergonomically functional seating system ever seen.
Rotomold Foot Braces
Visions come with injection molded nylon sliding foot braces and rudder control that offer simple adjustments and ease of use.
Hybrid Composite Foot Braces
Composite Kestrels are equipped with the SmartTrack™ toe control rudder and foot brace system.
Vision Rudder
Optional Rudder
Optional on the Vision 135 roto, Vision 140, Breeze and Whistler our durable, foiled blade, foot controlled rudders increase directional control even in windy conditions. +$200
Vision Thigh Braces
Thigh Pads
Foam thigh pads under the cockpit coaming increases leg and knee comfort when bracing.
Vision Hatch Covers
Vision Hatch Covers
Rubber hatch covers are standard on Stern hatches. Bow hatches have a rubber cover, and strapped hard cover for extra water protection. Storage compartments are created by either foam or composite bulkheads (also an important safety feature).
Vision Rotomold Colors
Vision Rotomold Colors
Vision Rotomold Colors
Vision Rotomold Colors
Vision Rotomold Colors
Vision Rotomold Colors
Vision Rotomold Colors
Vision Rotomold Colors
Vision Hybrid Colors