Straight tracking, highly efficient, and stable these kayaks have a fair amount of height ahead of the cockpit and feature soft chines which give superior final stability. New kayakers will find them easy to use and comfortable for skill development. Seasoned paddlers will like the efficiency and performance as well as the large hatches that hold ample gear for extended trips. They all feature rudders, modest sized cockpits, padded seat backs, and thigh braces.

Soltice GT Titan composite mango/black/smoke

North American Touring Cockpits

Touring cockpits are somewhat small to help resist imploding of the spray skirt if hit by a large wave in rough water. They include built-in thigh braces on the cockpit rim to maximize control when edging and rolling. They range from 29” to 35” long, depending on the model.

Composite Touring Cockpit

Rotomold Touring Cockpit

Standard Touring Seating

Composite North American Touring kayaks feature our standard seat back with comfortable foam back pad.

Dimension Adjustable Seat Back

Rototmold North American style as well as the Unity feature the highly comfortable and fully articulating Dimension Adjustable Seat Back. Quickly adjustable for height and angle on or off the water to allow for personalized lower/mid back support. +$55 if not standard

Compression Hatch Covers

Most composite North American style models have hatch covers that sit flush with the deck and feature a rubber gasket that seats perfectly into the molded deck recess. Our hatch cam strap system compresses the gasket to form a water tight seal.

Rotomold Hatch Covers

Rotomold North American style models have rubber hatch covers and the bow hatch covers have a strapped hard cover for extra water protection.

Composite Seams

All of the North American style composite models come with a stronger and lighter composite seam that allows you to choose a custom seam color to make you kayak uniquely yours.


All North American style models feature a durable, foot controlled, foiled blade rudder that creates steering efficiency and offers superior control in windy conditions.

Foot Braces

All North American style models feature a Sea-Lect Designs pivoting pedal style foot brace. Easily adjustable from the cockpit it's designed to maintenance free, self-cleaning and corrosion resistant.

SmartTrack™ Rudder System

A unique foil shaped blade, spring loaded with a single retraction cord and solid two piece foot pedal system make this a popular rudder upgrade. +$100

Composite Thigh Braces

Our composite thigh braces are molded directly into the kayak for superior strength and weight savings. Foam pads ensure all day comfort.

Ritchie Compass

Customize your touring kayak with a specialized, deck mounted Ritchie Kayak Compass. +$150

Composite Colors

Rotomold Colors