Easy to handle both on and off the water, our Kestrel family of recreational kayaks are great fun for everyone. Perfect starter boats these kayaks are stable and roomy. Built standard with the Revolution Seating System, the Kestrels are comfortable enough to paddle all day long.
Kestrel 120 Rotomold Yellow
Recreational Cockpit
The Kestrel features recreational cockpits that are long enough that you can simply get in and sit down. They are un-restrictive and many new paddlers appreciate their roominess and versatility.
Hybrid Composite Cockpit
Rotomold Cockpit
Revolution Seating System
This one-of-a-kind rotating axis seat gives unmatched full contact under-leg support. Quickly adjustable with a lever-lock system, you can customize the seats position for your personal paddling style and comfort level. Contoured plush foam padding cover the bottom and sides of the seat allowing for hours of luxurious paddling comfort.
Dimension Adjustable Seat Back
A fully articulating and height/angle adjustable back rest. This dynamic combination creates the most comfortable and ergonomically functional seating system ever seen.
Rotomold Foot Braces
Kestrels come with injection molded nylon sliding foot braces and rudder control that offer simple adjustments and ease of use.
Hybrid Composite Foot Braces
Composite Kestrels are equipped with the SmartTrack™ toe control rudder and foot brace system.
Optional Rudder
Optional on the Solara 135 our durable, foiled blade, foot contolled rudder system. Great efficiency and superior control in windy conditions. +$200
Paddle Park
Hook and bungee strap holds your paddle securely within easy reach while your hands are free.
Rotomold Hatch Covers
Our simple and easy flip-to-open hatch covers make storing your gear a breeze. The flip-locks and compression seal combine to make this cover very water resistant while keeping your gear readily accessible with just the flip of the levers.
Kestrel 140 Bow Hatch Covers
The Kestrel 140 and 140 roto bow hatch have a rubber hatch covers underneath hard lids for extra protection and style.
Rotomold Colors
Kestrel Colors
Kestrel Colors
Kestrel Colors
Kestrel Colors
Kestrel Colors
Kestrel Colors
Kestrel Colors
Hybrid Composite Colors