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The Tailfin is an amazing new sit-above kayak designed for the discriminating angler. The Tailfin is all about customization and comfort! The multi-angle, multi-level high back seat is adjustable into a myriad of positions for comfort and function for paddling, casting and hunkering down for a long fight. The Tailfin features Current Designs very own slide mounting rails fitted into the kayak throughout the deck. Attachment of your favorite rod holders, graphs and other accessories is fast and simple with the Current Designs’ universal mounting bracket. It comes with three flip-lock hatch openings and a full length under deck storage compartment. A large, fishing-format friendly aft open compartment accommodates larger tackle and gear. The Tailfin offers rock-solid stability and a cockpit that’s standup friendly. Dual performance outriggers are a standard option with all Tailfins. Add the optional Smart-Track® rudder system for increased maneuverability and control.

Maximum Load: 400 lbs.
Polyethylene - 71 lbs.

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Overall Length: 12' 0" (365.76cm)
Width: 30.00" (76.2cm)

Cockpit Size:
Bow Hatch:
 Length: 16.50" (41.91cm)
 Width: 11.00" (27.94cm)
Day Hatch:
 Length: 8.00" (20.32cm)
 Width: 8.00" (20.32cm)
Symmetrical Form: Symmetrical form is just as it sounds. The shape is identical fore and aft from the center point of the kayak.
Hull Form
Soft Chine: A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles. The majority of kayaks that we build have a soft chine.

Shallow Arch: These have good initial stability and are highly maneuverable.

Hull Shape
Sit-on-above Cockpit: No description.

Category: Specialty Kayaks
  • Designed for highly specific uses, these designs are less versatile but are ideal for paddlers with specialized needs.

Paddler Size: M-XXL
Paddler Size
Tailfin Colors

Tailfin - Rotomold 71 lbs. - $1,199

Rotational molding uses high temperature to melt polyethylene powder in a closed rotating metal mold to produce a complete kayak hull and deck in a fraction of the time required for other construction methods. Our rotomolded polyethylene models offer paddlers the ability to enjoy many of the unique benefits of our designs at a economical price.

Standard Options

  • Tailfin Colors
  • Dual Performance Outrigger

Premium Options

  • SmartTrack Rudder System - $200