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New for 2014, the Ignite leads the new wave of surf skis in its marriage of efficiency, speed and stability. The Ignite is not an elite-level, hyper-sensitive surf ski requiring a lifetime of skills, rather it is a surf ski for all paddlers. It appeals to those who find sit-in kayaks too hot in warmer weather but find conventional alternative sit-on-top kayaks lacking true performance. The Ignite is a wonderful go-fast, fitness and fun-to-paddle craft that encourages exploration of the surf ski realm. This design is founded on the worldly popular and paddler-friendly Solstice GT hull. The deck is a blend of a surf ski cockpit and rudder peddle system with a pair of kayak-style, flush mount, water-tight hatches offering light touring potential. The Ignites compact length and wave-ready rocker are enhanced with the highly efficient SmartTrack® rudder system. The perfect all around surf ski whether paddled on flat water, long weekends or in your first down-wind bump run.

Maximum Load: 350 lbs.
Composite Hybrid - 39 lbs. / MSRP $2,599 USD

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Overall Length: 16' 0" (487.68cm)
Width: 24.00" (60.96cm)

Cockpit Size:
Bow Hatch:
 Length: 12.50" (31.75cm)
 Width: 8.00" (20.32cm)
 Volume: 14.00Gal. (52.92L)

Stern Hatch:
 Length: 18.00" (45.72cm)
 Width: 12.50" (31.75cm)
 Volume: 19.00Gal. (71.82L)

Swede Form: Widest behind the cockpit, Swede form has a cleaner, longer, and more slender entry, giving efficient touring speeds and maneuverability. In shorter lengths these kayaks are very responsive. Longer kayaks with this feature have amazing acceleration and track well. Because of the narrow bow they may punch through a steep wave, rather than ride over it.
Soft Chine: A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles. The majority of kayaks that we build have a soft chine.

Shallow V: The “V” shape improves tracking, has a lively feel and delivers very comfortable stability.

Sit-on-top Cockpit: No description.

Category: Specialty Kayaks
  • Designed for highly specific uses, these designs are less versatile but are ideal for paddlers with specialized needs.

Paddler Size: S-XL
Ignite Colors

Ignite - Hybrid 39 lbs. - $2,599

Our composite Kestrel and Vision families are made from a fiberglass and polyaramid (a generic form of Kevlar®) laminate for ultimate stiffness. This Hybrid layup makes these boats more cost efficient yet still light weight

Standard Options

  • SmartTrack Rudder System