Gel-coat Repair Kit

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Gel-coat Repair Kit

Fills in scratches and surface cracks on composite canoes or kayaks. These colors are matched to our composite kayak colors only.

Note: Before you begin your fiberglass repair you will need to purchase catalyst (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) from an auto parts store, marina, or hardware store. Catalyst is a clear liquid hardener for gel coat that cannot be shipped because of mailing regulations. You only need a very small amount; 1 oz. easily does a quart of resin. CANNOT SHIP TO CANADA, ALASKA OR HAWAII.

Please note that we can provide current gel coat colors only and these colors may have changed through the years. Additionally, the gel coat on your kayak will have changed with age and UV exposure. Gel coat matches will be approximate.

Gel coat has a three month shelf life. If you intend to purchase and not complete the repair immediately, we suggest waiting to purchase just prior to completing the repair, as it may not be usable after the three month period.

Price: $69.95