Highly capable in rough waters and high winds, Greenland Style kayaks have low profile decks, flatter bottoms, hard chines, and are narrow for their length. These kayaks have high initial stability and are conducive to riding surf, while the hard chine acts as a second keel when leaned to carve a turn. The low decks are less affected by wind and aid in rolling. All are very maneuverable and well suited for special paddling techniques. All our Greenland style kayaks have a skeg and feature snug cockpits, back bands, and thigh braces.
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Isle composite yellow/black/smoke

Touring Cockpit
Touring Cockpits
Touring cockpits are somewhat small to help resist imploding of the spray skirt if hit by a large wave in rough water. They include built-in thigh braces on the cockpit rim to maximize control when edging and rolling. They range from 29” to 35” long, depending on the model.
Back Band
Greenland style kayaks feature a high-quality Immersion Research® Reggie back band. It promotes all day, comfortabe lower back support and is easily adjustable.
Retractable Skeg
All Greenland style kayaks feature a high quality retractable skeg that increases tracking efficiency and helps the boat resist its natural tendency to weathercock (turn into the wind).
Saelect Footbrace
Foot Braces
All Greenland style models feature a Sea-Lect Designs pivoting pedal style foot brace. Easily adjustable from the cockpit it's designed to maintenance free, self-cleaning and corrosion resistant.
Composite Seam
Composite Seams
All of the Greenland style composite models come with a stronger and lighter composite seam that allows you to choose a custom seam color to make you kayak uniquely yours.
Thigh Braces
Composite Thigh Braces
Our composite thigh braces are molded directly into the kayak for superior strength and weight savings. Foam pads ensure all day comfort.
Hatch Covers
Compression Hatch Covers
Most composite Greenland style models have hatch covers that sit flush with the deck and feature a rubber gasket that seats perfectly into the molded deck recess. Our hatch cam strap system compresses the gasket to form a water tight seal.
Rubber Hatch Covers
The Rumour features the poplar Kajak Sport hard rubber hatch covers (including a dayhatch).
Ritchie Compass
Ritchie Compass
Customize your touring kayak with a specialized, deck mounted Ritchie Kayak Compass. +$250
Composite Colors
Gel-coat Colors