Frequently Asked Questions

Normal wear and tear is not covered by warranty, such as hatch covers, bungee or rope fading or decaying with age, cables or casings breaking , worn seats or padding. Also, leaking due to improper or rough use of your kayak, or damage done by submerged branches or rocks is not covered by warranty.
The only way to purchase a Current Designs Kayak is through an authorized dealer. We care about customers receiving their kayaks in one piece, so we will only ship via our own trucks and drivers. Because of this, we only ship to dealers. We’re not a trucking company! We just want to make quality kayaks and distribute them to trusted retailers who will help you to get exactly what you want. There may not be a dealer right in your area, but there’s likely one not too far away who will work with you.
If you are the original purchaser of the kayak, the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty is on manufacturing defects. This includes but is not limited to leaks due to manufacturing issues, non-functional rudder or skeg controls due to defective parts, or drastically early failure of parts.
To file a warranty claim, you will need to return to your Current Designs dealer for settlement of the warranty. Your dealer will need the serial number of your kayak and photos or actual evidence of the issue. They will contact Current Designs for settlement of the claim. If your dealer is no longer in business, you will need to contact the nearest Current Designs dealer for settlement.
The serial number is located on the starboard stern (aft of the cockpit on the paddler’s right) of your kayak, just below the seam, about 6-8 inches from the stern. It’s engraved right into the hull of the boat and may be difficult to see. Your serial number will start MFP, QDC, or XKA. Hint: If your serial number is difficult to see, try using a piece of paper and pencil to make a rubbing of the engraving.
The last three digits on your serial number will tell you when your kayak was manufactured. The last two digits are the model year, and the digit preceding that will note the production year. For example, if the serial number’s last three digits are 910, then your kayak is model year 2010, manufactured in 2009. New model years will generally start in July or August of the previous year. Note: older models will not always follow this pattern, but the last two digits are always the model year.
Most parts are very specific to different kayak models and need to be ordered through your nearest Current Designs dealer or from Customer Service (507-454-5430). Please have your model and serial number ready for the dealer or representative. If you are replacing rudder parts, you will need to note the shape of your pedals (Square, oval or round) and how they are attached to the kayak (plastic or metal track). Pictures are often helpful to guarantee the correct part is sent.
Ideally, you would store your kayak indoors. A garage or shed are the best options for storing your kayak, supported in at least two places. Kayaks can be stored on the wall held by hooks, hung from the rafters, or on end as long as the nose is supported and padded. If stored outdoors, you will want to make sure all hatches and the cockpit are covered, and that it isn’t somewhere that will gather snow or ice. Cover for protection, but with air flow so the covering doesn’t bake to the surface of the kayak in the sun, or allow mold and mildew to gather. You should always clean your kayak well before storing it for the winter. Remove any debris that may have gathered, wash down the kayak inside and out with soapy water (dish soap like Dawn works fine), rinse, and let dry. You may apply wax or other marine products to protect your finish from oxidation; this should be done 1-2 times a year anyway, depending on the amount of use.