Rotational molding (rotomolding) uses a high temperature oven to melt polyethylene powder in a large rotatingmetal mold. This process produces a complete kayak hull and deck in a single step. Our rotomolded polyethylene models offer paddlers the ability to enjoy many of the unique benefits of our designs at an economical price.


We’ve taken rotomolding to the next level with our own high-tech process controls to produce the lightest possible rotomolded kayaks. We use only linear high density polyethylene in all of our rotomolded models to maximize stiffness without sacrificing impact strength. Our polyethylene maintains its integrity over a broad temperature range and has added stabilizers giving it increased protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and oxidation. Our rotomolded kayaks are affordable, ultra tough, highly durable and will hold up to more significant abuse compared to composite constructions.
Rotomold Colors


Originally developed by the aerospace industry to manufacture strong, ultra-light components, our composite lamination uses a high-pressure vacuum to eliminate any excess resin, which improves strength and decreases weight. We also utilize 3-D non-woven core materials in specific places to reinforce and strengthen areas without adding any substantial weight. This hands-on labor-intensive process results in lightweight, extraordinarily tough kayaks with an exquisite finish. All Current Designs composite kayaks have composite seams joining the deck and hull. This stronger and lighter technique of seaming was formerly available for an additional charge. Now, composite seams are our standard of excellence on all composite kayaks.


Our vacuum-bagged fiberglass layup is a notch above most other fiberglass kayaks on the market. The result is a superbly crafted composite kayak that’s impeccably finished inside and out. Fiberglass is the standard layup for our Performance Touring models.


We use aramid in our kayaks. You’ll notice the lightness of our aramid kayaks the first time you pick one up. You’ll also appreciate its easy lift on and off the car and its intimate responsiveness on the water. Aramid is an optional layup for our Performance Touring models.


Any of our eleven colors can be used for a custom hull, coaming, or outside seam color by special order at no charge on any of our Performance Touring models. Get creative and make your kayak uniquely yours.


Our composite hybrid kayaks are made from fiberglass, polyaramid and 3-D non-woven materials laminated together. These kayaks are stiff, lightweight and durable for all but severe conditions and are very price conscious.
Kestrel - Hybrid Colors

Vision - Hybrid Colors