Accessories / Maintenance

Fiberglass Repair Kit
This convenient kit includes materials needed to repair damage to composite canoes or kayaks.
$79.95 USD

SPF-50 Boat Guard
The world's first and only true one-step Marine Fiberglass Hull Polish, sealant, restorative and UV protectant.
$27.95 USD

Sponge and Scrub
A highly absorbent sponge covered in a quality mesh casing. Perfect for soaking up that excess water from the bottom of your boat.
$5.95 USD

Gel-coat Repair Kit
Fills in scratches and surface cracks on composite canoes or kayaks.
$69.95 USD

Deck Line Kit - Universal
Update and upgrade those worn out deck line and bungees with the Universal deck line kit for Current Designs Kayaks.
$44.95 USD

Decal - Current Designs
13" long replacement decals for all composite kayaks!
$9.95 USD